Strengthening Our Global R&D Structure to Foster Early-Stage Innovation


Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) has decided to reinforce its global R&D structure to accelerate R&D that leverages local characteristics. We aim to foster early-stage innovation through the acquisition of opportunities to participate in projects headed by national and regional government entities, proactive recruitment of local R&D personnel, and enhanced collaboration with overseas subsidiaries.

To begin, we incorporated our R&D Center in Europe. We believe this move will enhance its agility, accelerating such multifaceted R&D activities as technology searches and development in Europe, as well as supporting market launches.

The healthcare issues faced by individual countries have grown more diverse in recent years, due to aging populations and the expansion of preventive medicine in developed countries, and the establishment of healthcare infrastructures in emerging markets. To enhance our competitiveness as a healthcare company, we recognize the importance of quickly ascertaining healthcare needs and technology trends in individual countries and reflecting this information in our R&D.

To date, Sysmex has established overseas R&D centers, working to globalize our R&D functions and promote open innovation through collaboration with Japanese and overseas medical and research institutions.

In recent years, with the aim of realizing personalized medicine, we have welcomed into the Sysmex Group overseas companies that possess proprietary diagnostic technologies and networks with medical and research institutions, thereby expanding our R&D domains. To make effective use of synergies with these overseas subsidiaries and foster early-stage innovation, we face the urgent need to establish a local organizational structure having swift decision-making and execution capabilities, and to secure local R&D personnel capable of supporting this organization.

To this end, Sysmex established Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH (RDCE) in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to continuing to perform such roles as ascertaining healthcare needs, conducting technology searches in Europe, developing new clinical applications, evaluating products prior to market launch, and building networks with medical and research institutions, RDCE will proactively recruit local R&D personnel and seek out new opportunities for collaboration with local companies. Furthermore, the new company will liaise closely with Sysmex’s corporate R&D divisions in Japan and take charge of market recognition and penetration of new technology and measurement platforms that Sysmex plans to roll out globally, thereby contributing to the creation of new markets in Europe.

By incorporating its existing R&D center, Sysmex will create a highly agile structure that will facilitate the rapid and effective implementation of multifaceted activities. Also, the new company will broaden opportunities for participation in projects being promoted by national and regional governments. Furthermore, through RDCE Sysmex aims to leverage the unique knowledge and networks that overseas subsidiaries possess to expand open innovation in Europe and create new value at an early stage.

We also plan to strengthen our R&D facilities at global locations, such as R&D Center Americas, steadily putting our structures in place.

Sysmex will continue to create high-value testing technologies and promote R&D to help increase the quality of life of people around the world.

Overview of the New Subsidiary

Name: Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Representative: Kenji Tsujimoto
Establishment: October 2018
Capital: 2,300,000 EUR
Ownership: Sysmex Corporation (100%)
Line of business: Research  and development, and support for product launches in Europe

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