You are the next inventor of Sysmex Technology

We look for research and business collaborators. Combining our technologies and your idea will accelerate new clinical value generation.

Research collaboration

Research collaboration

Research collaboration

We are proactively collaborating with universities, medical institutions, and companies. Our research collaborations have brought successful IVD products to healthcare providers. Contact us for further information!

Example: Development of automated cytokine assays using the HISCL

Cytokine / Growth factor assays are important in cellular medicine since some cell functions are dependent on the production performance.

Through collaboration with academia and venture companies, we developed Cytokine / Growth factor assays for our automated immunochemical platform. These assays can automate your laboratory process and provide high reproducibility. Also, we are available to develop novel biomarkers of your interest.

HISCL-5000: Smart technology means excellent results
Business collaboration

Business collaboration

We are also seeking the synergy of other businesses or products. Maximizing our knowledge and technologies, we want to create innovative clinical solutions. For example, we are looking for:

  • Start-ups
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical companies
Techology transfer

Tech transfer

We want to connect variety of innovation drivers without border and create network of open innovation and technologies to bring the early research forward in the medical and diagnostic field.

Contact us

 If you are a researcher, research supporter or university staff and have innovative research topics, please don't hesitate to contact ....

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