About us

Sysmex Group has delivered solutions to customers around the world in the field of in vitro diagnosis since its foundation in 1968. We recognize the importance of quickly ascertaining healthcare needs and technology trends in individual countries, such as a rapidly aging society in advanced nations, expansion of preventive medicine, and improvement of the medical environment in emerging nations, thereby expanding our R&D domains.
In addition, Sysmex has established overseas R&D centers, working to globalize our R&D functions.

With this background of Sysmex Group's technological capabilities, Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH (RDCE) is a company specializing in research and development. With the aim of realizing personalized medicine, RDCE works on technology research and development of new clinical applications in Europe, in cooperation with Sysmex's overseas subsidiaries, which have their own diagnostic technologies and networks with medical institutions and research institutes. Also with close communication with our headquarters, it is possible to produce new IVD products.

What we offer

RDCE brings new clinical value from Europe into the world by creating unique liquid biopsy testing with genes、cells and proteins and also seeking biomarkers through open innovation.

  •  Biomarker assay development as regards cell, protein, and gene analysis
  •  Analytical and clinical validation
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